Leslie Weitlauf

Leslie attended the University of Louisville, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in 2011. She then attended the University of Kentucky’s Physical Therapy program, graduating in 2014 and joining the Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy team in Louisville.

Her primary interest in care is the treatment of both simple and complex musculoskeletal conditions in patients of all ages, as well as post-injury and surgical care for return to sport, with a strong passion for the treatment of injuries in the cheerleading and gymnastics populations. She also enjoys the treatment of running related injuries, as well as outreach and education for the running, cheerleading, and gymnastics communities. She also enjoys treatment of vestibular dysfunction, including BPPV.

From a young age, Leslie trained and competed in women’s artistic gymnastics, as well as competitive elite/all-star cheerleading; with ages from 8-18 primarily concentrated in competitive elite/all-star and varsity cheerleading.  She still has strong passion for the sport, despite having switched to general strengthening and running since beginning college. When she’s not in the clinic, Leslie enjoys spending time with family, listening to music and attending concerts, watching movies, reading books, and running/conditioning.